PrimeTech Security uses top quality security technology so our preferred brand is PARADOX. We also service other brands like BOSCH, DSC, ELITE, ARROWHEAD and many other brands.

Paradox is known for developing innovative products and keeping up with tomorrows changing technology today. They create security systems that are easy to use, and stand out both technologically and aesthetically. PrimeTech offers the latest alarm system technology and innovation specifically designed for your convenience by Paradox. Paradox alarm systems have been designed to be expanded as your security needs change.

PrimeTech supplies and installs the full SP and MG range of Paradox systems from the smaller affordable Recession Buster Kits SP4000 to the SP5500 to the premier MG5050 hybrid controller specifically designed for both hardwired and wireless detectors and devices.

Hardwired Technology

This is our entry level recession buster system

Paradox SP4000 Kit

$800.00 + GST includes Installation*

This system has the capability to expand.

  • x1 SP4000 panel with small cabinet
  • x1 K10V vertical keypad
  • x2 Pro+ PIRs
  • x1 WP06 external siren
  • x1 PS219 flush ring piezo
  • x1 3.0 amp hour battery

*Subject to accessabilty

Wireless Technology

Paradox MG5050 RF Kit

$ 1190.00 + GST includes Installation

This system has the capability to add remotes and wireless zones.

  • x1 MG5050 panel with small cabinet
  • x1 K10H horizontal keypad
  • x2 PMD2P Wireless PIRS
  • x1 Paradox SR130 Wireless External Siren with Blue Strobe

PrimeTech Security has a range of wireless security systems which means a Paradox system can be installed without wiring throughout your home using RF technology to communicate signals to and from the system.


Contact us to discuss the range of other products, both wireless and hardwired that we have available and can install on your system.

Alarm Servicing & Upgrades

Alarms need regular servicing, and our experienced Technicians provide updated advice or recommendations in your security requirements and can install or service, evaluate any faults. We can also upgrade your existing alarm system by using some of your alarm components and cabling. Is your alarm keypad beeping or is there a light flashing on it ? Chances are there has been an activation or a system fault such as a power outage or battery fault, and following your alarm manual Fault Analysis you should be able to determine the fault and determine whether a technician from PrimeTech should be called.

One of the main cause of faults on existing alarms is the failure of the backup battery. These batteries ( normally sealed lead acid type ) need to be replaced

about every 3 years to ensure proper operation.

All alarms should have regular maintenance checks to ensure the sensors and accessories are communicating as they should.